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Meet Gany

aka ``Queen G``

The Queen with many crowns

....She is YASTIGNA

. . .



Doyen of Style

The CEO : Queen G initially introduced the Yastigna boutique due to her passion for dressing others and seeing others succeed via presentation. It wasn’t until a failed attempt at that she realized she needed to do more research, having the passion for something can take you far but adding that tedious discipline and strategic game plan will get you across the finish line.  She decided to reenter the white collar sector of the world and somewhat binge off of their ideas and what was holding them together as a company. what was it they these companies all had in common despite their vast differences. When she finally found the key she had been searching for she then decided on re-developing her brand and eeevne ading on entities tht she felt she could tackle. She had actully discovered that her niche 3as more along the lines of costructing and reconstructing the images of individuals whom she prefers to r3efer to as her subjects

The Couturier: Think of her as the plug to all things fabulous. Gany hand picks all products for this site to ensure exclusivity. She incorporates rare finds from her escapades around the globe and even left over items from previous styling sessions. How awesome is it to say you have an actual garment that was worn by a celebrity. Within QueenG’s Boutique expect to find hidden treasures from all over the world, couture merchandise and just those one of a kind pieces that you cant find anywhere else. Queen G brings couture to you just at the click of a button, a  modern day couturier if you may.

The Doyen:  In the English language, the meaning of doyen (and the less common doyenne) has extended from the French definition to also refer particularly to one whose knowledge or abilities exceed those of other members. What initially began as a joke in her art class while studying famous painters turned into title that Gany adopted as part of her identity. a title that she definitely deserves because of its originality and non common essence it represents everything that Gany exudes. Her incredible ability to design an image per individual without effort and apply style with almost any materials presented to her is definitely worthy of the title Doyen.

What is Yastigna

it sounds contagious

It sounds contagious because it is, hence our slogan “Get Infected“. Making sense now? Good! Here at Yastigna we have developed what we believe will be an addictive resource whether for a service, for shopping or simply for information. Think of us as your addictive outlet to fashion

A collective of everything fashion. Yastigna caters to the needs of Image Consulting, Pr management, MediaServices, Marketing, Publicity and Sales.

We aim to be the bridge between African Fashion and the world.

We aim to being the bridge between the upcoming talents/ rare finds and the world.

We hope to break down barriers into what is considered trends and “in season”! its bullshit! Everything nice is in season! Quality is always in season! Yastigna is unconventional!